Welcome To All About Mice!

I launched this website in December of 2005 after it became apparent to me how difficult it is to find accurate, up-to-date information about keeping mice as pets. The majority of mouse care sites I’ve seen are aimed mainly at breeders and most of the books I’ve come across are years out of date which can make it very difficult for a mouse owner to work out what is best for their pet!

What I think pet owners (myself included) really want is the facts presented to them in a straight forward manner so they can make their own informed decisions. That is precisely what this site is aiming to do and how the information on it is intended to be used. I sincerely hope you do find it useful. Kelly x

What can you find on All About Mice?
- Why mice make good pets, for those of you who’ve yet to find out!
- Articles on every aspect of keeping mice on the information pages.
- Product reviews on a wide range of cages, foods and accessories.
- A friendly community of mouse owners on the forums.
- Useful links to suppliers, rescue centres, further reading and vets.
- Background information on my own mice and a bit about me.
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