What is it about mice?

Mice make brilliant pets. They are intelligent, friendly and relatively easy and inexpensive to keep. They make an excellent first pet - although I would never suggest a child be solely responsible for any animal - as they are easily tamed and if handled properly very rarely, if ever, bite!

Mice are very sociable little animals and a pair or small group of them will keep you constantly amused with their antics as they play, eat, groom and sleep together. No two are ever quite the same, either in looks or personality and you will have hours of fun learning about their likes and dislikes and getting to know their little habits. Mice also come in an astounding range of colours and varieties and can be extremely pretty to look at, especially if you have several different types living together.

They are a great pet to own if you are out of the house at work or school during the dayas they tend to be most active in the evenings and will sleep during the day time when you’re not there. Their small size also makes the perfect choice of pet if space is limited, with even a large cage taking up comparatively very little room, and unlike most larger pets they certainly won’t mind if you haven’t got a garden!

The basic requirements for keeping mice is similar to that of any small pet, that being a good sized cage, plenty of toys, a suitable diet, access to health care should they need it and a bit of time each day to play with, clean and feed them. None of these things are particularly expensive, suitable cages can be bought very reasonably second hand and household items such as toilet roll tubes and egg boxes make perfect toys.

Time-wise mice aren’t demanding either and although the more time you spend with them the tamer they will become they are quite happy to do their own thing from time to time if you have other commitments. All in all mice are fantastic little animals, suitable for all ages, life-styles and depths of pocket. What more could you want in a pet?

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