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Description: Chopped cardboard pieces
RRP: £6.78 & £14.69 P+P for a 22 kg bale
Available from: Horse bedding stockists and farm shops
Buy online: Yes

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Place Purchased: See below
Price: I buy at £6 per bale from someone who orders a pallet.
Score: 10/10

I chose to try the ecopetbed for my mice when i started using it for my rats ue to being highly recommended for them. It is dust extracted so fine for animals who are prone to respiratory problems as well we being vacuum packed - you get WAY more than it looks like if you haven’t had one of these bales before.

I personally have a layer of this above a couple of sheets of newspaper. This stops the bits of cardboard getting stuck to the base of the cage with wee and poo and also seems to help absorb the wee more than the cardboard does on it’s own. In the past I have mixed it half with Bob Martins paper cat litter (or equivalent) but this was only for a short time when I was running low on the ecopetbed. I didn’t like this combination much as the consistency of the litter changed over the cage base due to the different sizes being moved about at different rates by the mice which ended up not having the combined effect I was looking for! The squares of cardboard are big enough for the mice not to liberally chuck out of the cage, yet they are light enough to be easily burrowed in and carted about to make beds in the cage.

If you buy bales individually from the retailer the price can seem a bit steep due to delivery charges. However really it’s just as it’s a one-off bulk charge as overall it seems to be the cheapest option currently out there in total.

Reviewer: Acapae

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Place Purchased: Bought from local farm/garden shop
Price: £6.50 for a very large bale
Score: 9/10

We use this bedding for our rats so it makes sense for us to also use it for the mice. We love it. It’s cheap, non-dusty, doesn’t smell and makes a nice bedding material. The mice can carry it around if they want to rearrange their beds and it can make quite a soft and warm nesting material too.

The only reason I don’t give this 10 out of 10 is because for the average mouse owner a bale this size is a little excessive but as it is really horse bedding we can’t really hold this against them and it makes it fantastic value for money if you do have the space as a bale will last for absolutely ages.

Reviewer: Daffee

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Place Purchased: Online, direct from Earthly Enterprises
Price: £21.00 a bale, including delivery
Score: 9/10

I really, really love this as cage litter! It is perfect as it’s not dusty like shavings etc. The mice love burrowing in it and carrying little pieces of card around in their mouths! It doesn’t get everywhere like other litters and if a couple of pieces fall onto the carpet, it’s easy to pick up! It doesn’t stick to clothes either. The only downside is that it was really expensive to buy a bale and it won’t last long here with the mice, guinea pigs and chickens! I may try finacard next time as it’s smaller pieces of card, which I think may be better. It’s a little less expensive for me to have delivered too. It looks a little messy in the cage compared to other litters but the benefits of it far outweigh its appearance!

Reviewer: *Amber*

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