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Description: Hypo-allergenic and dust free small animal litter made from 100% virgin wood pulp fibre.
RRP: £2.99 for 10 Lt bag
Available from: Pet shops
Buy online: Yes

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Place Purchased: Local petshop
Price: $17.99 (US) for 50L - aprox £9.63 at time of writing
Score: 8/10

This bedding is made from 100% recycled wood pulp. It is very absorbent, dust free and it keeps my pets nice and clean. I am allergic to a lot of beddings out there and I am not allergic to Carefresh. I love it and so do my mice and hamsters. My mice love to bury their toys under the bedding and my hamsters make nests out of it. I think this is a wonderful product! I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Dreamstar380


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Place Purchased: Pet shop in the U.S.
Price: $ (US) for 10L - aprox £2.90 at time of writing
Score: 8/10

Carefresh is basically ecological cardboard chunks that come (most recently) in colors (pink, blue, purple, and green) as well as just plain brown. It’s been great on odor for the time I’ve used it, and a little goes a long way if you need to stretch it before you can get to the store for that shopping trip. It soaks well whether it’s spilled water or your critters leave you happy gifts. The reason I gave it a eight of ten is mostly because of its size. It comes in chunks ranging from smaller than a dime to almost a quarter sometimes. The animals I’ve had were small and didn’t have a very easy time of getting from point A to point B. Also, it wasn’t entirely dust free, as I found myself wiping the sides down to take up spare hazards I saw–though this needn’t apply to cages, just tanks. All in all it isn’t bad, and its low points can be over looked for the fitting price and longevity of the product.

Reviewer: Rookie

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Place Purchased: Vets
Price: £3.40
Score: 7/10

This substrate is very similar to 100% paper cat litters although the chunks are bigger so less prone to be chucked about by our little friends. I personally have always used it with a layer of sheeted newspaper underneath as occasionally dried wee will stick it to the base of the cage making it harder to remove.

The bag doesn’t smell, however I do find it dustier than alternatives out there and when cleaning out with it I have to have the window wide open otherwise it sets my asthma off. So I suspect that it isn’t overly good for mousey systems either. The other most obvious negative is the price as it is very expensive for what it is - even though it does go longer than it looks like on first impressions.

I personally now only use this as emergency substrate if I am between bales of the ecopetbed I normally use and can’t get hold of Bob Martins cat litter.

Reviewer: Acapae

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Place Purchased: Pets at home
Price: £2.99for 10 Lt bag
Score: 7/10

I’ve bought this as my normal bedding has changed. It’s a decent alternative, although rather dear comparatively. The mice seem to enjoy it and most of it ends up in their bed areas! It keeps the smell down fairly well, but can get a bit dusty near the end of a bag. Also, due to the size of the pieces, it is a bit difficult to place cage furniture on top of it, so I tend to put most of the toys in before actually putting the Carefresh in the cage. Overall a good substrate.

Reviewer: Amalthea

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Place Purchased: Local garden Centre or online at Petplanet
Price: varies £3.49 to £3.99
Score: 8/10

Not perfect as price has increased a lot also can vary a lot in texture sometimes a bit lumpy and hard. However not much dust and absorbent and soft on tiny paws and natural.

Reviewer: Tagalong

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Place Purchased: Pets at home
Price: varies £3.49 for 10L
Score: 8/10

I originally bought this for a hamster with a chest infection, and as I found it to be less dusty than what I was using at the time I switched all of my animals onto the carefresh. My mice seem to enjoy it, often digging in it and using it in their nests but I find the pieces are too big and heavy for young or small mice. Also with so many cages to clean, this is pricey! I have also noticed recently is it becoming far more dusty than it used to be and it sets my allergies off, but it is still better than some of the alternatives.

Reviewer: Lau200

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Place Purchased: Pets at home
Price: £3-59
Score: 6/10

I have used this before for all my animals, and have always found it very dusty and far too expensive for so little.

-Very absorbant
-Easy to obtain
-Comes in various colours

-Very dusty
-VERY expensive
-Can be very hard and brittle some weeks, other weeks it is soft and comfortable
-Can sometimes have ‘foreign’ objects in-melted plastic etc.

Overall, I don’t use this product any more, but never really liked it when I did for the reasons above.

Reviewer: Ephaniah

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