Spoke too soon!

Poppy is dead. :cry: I was feeding the mice last night and her friend came rushing out to see me but no sign of Poppy so I went looking under the shelf for her and there she was on her side. I’m gutted to have lost both of them in such a short space of time especially as they were still relatively young at around 15/16 months.

Sleep tight girls. x :(




New girlies!

I brought back four little girls with me on Saturday as planned and they are absolutely adorable! The two fosters are now living with one of my neutered foster boys and are getting on great. He didn’t seem quite sure what to make of them to start with, bless him but before long the three of them were bundled together asleep in a tissue box. My girl Poppy is also now living with one of the foster boys as I noticed she was spending all her time alone since Dot passed away. I decided that she might be happier with a ‘fresh start’ so to speak and am pleased to say that moving her from the main group seems to have perked her up no end as well as meaning another of the boys has company now.

The new foster girls

& Poppy (right) snuggled up with her new friend. :D

My own two girls are a bit special in that they both have strange little growths on their faces. The rescue’s vet has checked them out and thankfully they are totally benign and won’t affect their health so unless they get big enough to be in their way they don’t even warrant removing. These girls are all from the big Welsh rescue so it is likely to be a genetic problem caused by inbreeding although the growths do look a bit like a strange lump one of my old mice Charlie had which my vet thought was a wart. It was right on the corner of his eye and so couldn’t be removed but randomly after being there for the majority of his life one day it just dropped off! Hopefully it might be a similar scenario for my girls but in any event they are healthy and I think they’re gorgeous so it’s all good! And so without any further ado please meet Katy…

& Erica.

Amazingly, given how much of a stroppy knickers Jessica can be intros between my new babies and the freddy cage group have gone so smoothly that they are already living together. All in all I’m pretty pleased with things at the moment! :D




RIP my little Bug

Many of you may remember my ‘dumped’ girls, I had a phone call from my vet at the beginning of January of last year asking if I had room for two girls. They had been found abandoned in a filthy carrier under a slide in a children’s play park and handed in to the vet. Well last Friday one of the girls, Dot (also known as little bug) passed away. She was only about 15 months old but neither she or her sister Poppy have aged very well really, probably down to the rotten start they had in life. In spite of the way they were treated as little ones both girls have always been so laid back and friendly and Dot will be sorely missed by myself as well Poppy and the rest of the group she lived with. Sweet dreams little girl. :(

Fortunately I also have some cheerier news in that the other three welsh neuter boys were neutered yesterday and it all went without a hitch. Whilst I was at the vets collecting them I got talking to a women who had a hammie with her and another with a gorgeous bun which made a nice change as normally I share the waiting room with dog and cat owners who give me strange looks lol! Anyway it turned out the bun lady also has a pet mouse so I pointed her in the direction of the site in the hope of being able to sort her out some company for her little lady. She seemed really nice so I hope I do hear from her. Also I have had a home offer through the site for one of the previously neutered boys which is fantastic so transport is currently being sorted to get him there. If they both work out I will be very pleased as given the sheer number of mice involved in the welsh rescue none of us had very high hopes of being able to home our fosters!

And finally I am going on a trip to Starlight rescue tomorrow and will be coming back with four new little girlies. Two of them I am adopting to intro to my freddy cage group (I had planned this even before I lost Dot) and the other two will be fosters who I’m taking in to be company for one of my foster boys. This will still leave me with four lone boys (not including the black boy who has a home already lined up) but is a step in the right direction at least.

I will post again to introduce the new girls in the next couple of days so watch this space! :)



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