Time flies…..

…or just disappears altogether it seems lol! Pretty sure someone nicked a month and legged it since my last blog entry - doesn’t seem 5 minutes since bonfire night yet somehow it’s Christmas eve tomorrow!! Anywho its been a bit up and down here, fortunately all my own meeces are fighting fit but sadly one of my little fosters, the poorly boy-bits one, passed away at the end of November. The worst thing was over the weeks I’d had him he’d healed so well and looked so much better that I’d started to think he was going to be fine so I took finding him gone in his eggbox quite hard. I guess at least he wasn’t in all that discomfort when he died but still. :(

The other foster boys are all fine but as I expected the group of six living together didn’t stay that way. They managed fine together for quite some time but in the last few weeks I’ve had to remove three one after the other as the ‘disagreements’ have escalated to real fighting with damage being done. I have all three booked in to be neutered on Monday 29th and am keeping things crossed the final three from that group stay together alright now, at least for the time being!

As for the last two fosters, the little lame boy is much the same leg-wise but still a total sweetheart and the little girl her Mum has called Limpet finally went to her forever home just this evening. So ‘just’ the 21 mice and a Pog here for Christmas this year then! :shock: :lol:



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