Meet the boys.

Thought it was about time I put up some pics of the foster boys. They’ve been keeping me on my toes the past week but I have managed to get a couple of photos of the group of 6…..

The others are a little PEW and another like the second to last pic, will try and get photos of them soon. :)

The other two boys are doing OK, this is the healthier of the two with the terribly wonky tail…

….and this is the poor thing with the boy-bits problems (although there is definitely an improvement I’m pleased to say). Poor lamb has started being a bit nippy with my fingers when I’m trying to look at him, get meds down him etc which I’m taking to mean he is feeling a bit better in himself!

I’m pleased to say all my own lot are fine and settled into their new groups which is great. More updates soon!




Here comes trouble!

My Welsh foster boys arrived last night. I have 2 poorly single boys (more about them in a second) and a very lively group of 6, a couple of whom tried to leap to freedom whilst being moved from carrier to cage! As my own mice have vacated the big freddy cage the group have gone straight in there and have been busily zooming around it since. They appear young, about 8 weeks by my guess, and so are still very much in their bouncy flea stage - and very fast with it they are too. I opened the cage door to take a picture of them playing and one little man instantly bolted out, up the outside of the cage and on to the roof! Fortunately he ran into the toilet roll tube I offered him so I got him straight back but these guys are going to be a handful to say the least. There is a fair bit of squeaking and chasing already but until they’ve had chance to settle it’s to be expected. I’ll have to watch the little black one though as he’s my Timmy all over again and seems to be causing most of the fuss! :roll:

My first little poorly man isn’t anything too serious, just a few bites around his bottom where he’s obviously been picked on, slightly weak back legs and the most crooked tail I’ve ever seen! He is the most amazingly calm little thing though, was quite happy to be picked up, held and fussed and is generally just an angel.

The other little single on the other hand is worrying me a lot and has a very intimate problem to say the least. He also looks to have been picked on as he has a bitten tail, a lump and bites round his bottom and very weak back legs but the worst thing is his that his little penis has obviously been bitten, is swollen and incredibly sore looking and he can’t retract it. My first concern was that he might not be weeing but I’ve seen the stains on the newspaper lining his cage (I had to swap to sheets of newspaper as he was struggling to move his back legs across the shredded cardboard) so that’s one thing. I’ve got him on anti-biotics for the possible infection, metacam for the inflammation and as pain relief and will be out buying vaseline in a minute to put on him. He seemed very stressed when he got here, poor thing but is much brighter this morning and has nommed his meds straight down. He is also eating like a trooper although again he was struggling with a food bowl so now he’s just got it on the floor. Please keep everything crossed for him. :(





What a week! Since my last post I have been busy helping with the organisation of this big rescue, collecting donations for the fund (cue me making a pic of Terry Wogan wearing mickey mouse ears and holding a collection bucket!) and reorganising the living arrangements of the occupants of my mouse room to make as much space as I can for fosters. This has involved trying my neutered foster boys back together (disaster), trying each of them with Pete (also a disaster) and then deciding to move Timmy out of the big cage to go back with Pete (who is his brother). Although they used to fight it was loooong ago before Tim was neutered and I’m pleased to say they’ve been together the whole week now without incident. :)

This then left me with the two other neutered boys and the group of girls so I tried them altogether having had success with this in the past. Still a definite no go unfortunately so I went out and bought another Savic ruffy today and split the big group into 2 smaller ones instead. I now have one boy with Jessica and Maisy and the other with Poppy, Dot and until she goes to her new home in December Limpet (the girly foster who arrived the same time as these boys). This way I have space to keep them permanently (not that they would find a home anyway with this big rescue going on) so they now have names - the black, tatty one is now Digby and the white one James. :D

So everyone who is already here is now sorted and settled, just in time for my fosters from this big Welsh rescue to arrive!



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