All hands on deck!

Thursday evening I got a call from Emma at Furryfriends in Surrey about a hideous situation involving hundreds of mice living in appalling conditions in a house in Wales. A local rescue (Freshfields) had been contacted about taking them in but due to the sheer numbers involved there’s no way they could take them all so they appealed to other rescues for help. The biggest problem is that environmental health are also involved and if we can’t find places for these mice to go they will be destroyed so the clock is very much ticking! :(

Since this all came to light the number of mice has been estimated to be at around the 900 mark so we are appealing on just about every animal forum there is for anyone who can help, whether it be with transport, fostering, homing or even just spreading the word. I have also set up a fund to help with the vets care and things that these mice are going to need and within just a few hours I’m very pleased to say £43 has been collected which is certainly a good start.

This is a very urgent situation and even with all the people who have come forward so far we aren’t anywhere close to having places for all these mice to go so if you are reading this and thinking that you may be able to help please, please get in touch!




Yet more spiny tunnels!

You may remember some time back a couple of posts about my spiny tunnel project where I was endeavouring to improve my spiny meeces cage set ups with underground tunnels for them to play in. Well since then I’ve been spending more and more time and effort on more and more elaborate set ups until today I somehow lost 4 (yes 4!) hours just cleaning out Sam and Molly! :oops: Of course I took piccies as it developed…

I do think it’s the best set up so far but the trouble is it’s become somewhat addictive trying to out do myself with every cage clean and with 3 spiny cages to design pretty soon I’m going to have to give up work or stop sleeping in order to find the time! :lol:



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