I have a Pog!

As planned not-a-mouse 2nd and the ickle foster boy went to Starlight Trust rescue on Saturday when I went to collect the newest addition to my furry family, my ham Pog. The poor thing already has a whole host of silly nicknames (Sir Pogmous, Mr Poggle, The Pogalator and mister Pog-a-lot to name just a few! :oops: ) and has won us all round with his funny little mannerisms. It is very easy to see why he’s so big, bless him as he’s like a little vacuum cleaner, in fact within seconds of being placed in his carrier to come home he’d pouched just about all the food I’d put in there for him! :lol: Still he really seems to love the disc style exercise wheel I bought him so there’s hope for him shifting some of the podge yet. Here is the little man in question. :)

Mouse wise however things aren’t so great, my lovely girl Honey went to the bridge over the weekend (meaning I’ve lost some 5 mice in just over 2 months :( ), I’ve had a bout of mites in the main cage, although that seems under control now and I’ve also had to put Pippa on anti-biotics for her noisy chest. On the plus side though the 2 big foster boys were neutered on friday and are both absolutely fine and the foster girly not only looks as though she’s not pregnant but also has a new home lined up so it’s not all bad news thank goodness!




Not-a-mouse the 2nd

Realised I forgot to tell you about my other little foster who arrived here Monday night! With Starlight Trust still being in quarantine I was asked if I could help them out with a small ham someone wanted to hand in. Apparently he was a unwanted present and has been living in one of those tiny Habitrail Ovo things since February, poor thing. He is only the second hamster I’ve ever had here and as you may remember the first (the feisty little girl who lived with lilac foster) became not-a-mouse so he is already being called not-a-mouse the 2nd lol! I’m informed by someone who knows about hams that he is a chinese but all I know is he is adorable! Just look at this little face….

He will be going to Starlight at the weekend (along with the little boy foster) which is when I shall finally be collecting my very own ham. I had arranged to adopt him before the rescue went into quarantine as he’d been looking for a home for so long so now I can hardly wait to get him here! The little man in question is a very overweight dwarf ham for whom I’ve chosen the name Pog. Well it’s better than not-a-mouse the 3rd I guess! :lol:





Just found Joe dead! :cry: He was laying in his fuzzbutt house with Pippa and looked asleep so I didn’t realise right away. His little body is still soft so it can’t have happened long ago….can’t believe it to be honest as he wasn’t even a year old, having such a bad run at the moment. :(

Oh and introducing the little foster boy to Pete didn’t work out at all. Pete was fine but little one took one look at him and decided he was having none of it so that is that idea out of the window.

Hoping for things to take a turn for the better, feeling quite miserable right now to be honest!




About time too!

Sorry everyone about the complete lack of updates for so long only I’ve had a rather horrid summer on a personal level which has also meant I’ve been incredibly busy both during and since and blog entries were just one of the things that fell to the wayside. However I’m getting back on top of things now and shall do my best to go AWOL on you again! ;)

First I’ve had several deaths since my last post. :( You probably won’t be surprised to hear that despite rallying a bit I lost Bobble not long after writing about him being ill. We spent a lot of time together before he died and he took to sleeping snuggled on my chest or sitting there eating whatever treat I gave him. I don’t know if it was just warm or he found my heart beat soothing somehow but he’d settle there for hours and I’m glad I had that time with him. What I found harder though was finding Jake (who had been living with Bobs after falling out big style with Ollie and Pete) dead just a few days later. No warning, no signs of what had killed him just gone one morning. :cry: Worse still just the Thursday before last, so several weeks later, exactly the same thing happened with Ollie. He and Pete were living together fine still and again no signs of anything wrong. Given he and Jake hadn’t been living together it makes me think there is probably a genetic problem with their hearts of something rather than it being something contagious as I might otherwise have assumed. I can’t pretend I’m not suddenly scared for Timmy and Pete as they were all brothers but touch wood they are both fighting fit. I can’t quite believe only two of my five lovely boys are still with me though and miss Bobble, Jake and Ollie who all died far too young.

This of course means that for the last week and a bit poor Pete has been living alone whilst I’ve been trying to decide what to do for the best. Today however I’m hoping an answer might have appeared as I’ve just been and collected four new foster mice from Emma of Furryfriends rescue one of whom is a teeny lone boy. Given he should be young enough not to be a threat and that Petey hasn’t proven to be aggressive I shall be trying them together so please keep whatever you can crossed for them!

The other fosters are a pair of aggressive boys who badly need neutering and the sister of the little man from above. Unfortunately she and her brother had been living together until rescued and she is already looking slightly pregnant despite being only teeny herself. :( My main concern at the moment is to give her peace and quiet and a chance to nest before her bubs come along, poor love so all in all I predict a busy time coming up here mouse wise in the near future!



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