Silly Sam

After some deliberation and a discussion with his former foster Mum I decided to have Sam the spiny neutered to give him a chance of living with my three girls. He went in for the operation on Monday and thankfully all went well. He did however decide he was NOT having stitches in and in the time between coming round and me collecting him he’d removed them and not one but two lots of surgical glue!!! The very idea made me feel ever-so-slightly queasy I can tell you but after the vet decided there was no point reglueing him yet again and that he would be best left to heal naturally he’s left his wounds alone completely and has spent the last two evenings running in his wheel as per normal. Having just got in from his post op check up this afternoon everyone concerned is happy that the op sites are clean and dry and will close up perfectly on their own so it’s not a problem but still, silly Sammy boy!




On the up!

Glad to report I have some good news at last, little Maisy who was on baby watch has turned out not to be pregnant!! Having spent the last couple of weeks watching her like a hawk and weighing her regularly I had the feeling she wasn’t but didn’t want to tempt fate by saying so but now we’re past the last day she could have given birth I very happy to share the news! Both her and Pippa are doing really well and are such friendly little girls so having allowed a couple of extra days just to be on the safe side I introduced them to the group in the big cage yesterday. Maisy was a bit wary (and quite vocal!) of her new friends but by last night the five of them were happily running around exploring the new set up together. All is peaceful this morning too.

This also means I can now arrange to collect Pippa’s ‘husband’ too so things are a lot more positive here than they have been of late! :D




Yet more sad news

I made the difficult decision to have my lovely Emily put to sleep. :( Whilst she was still active and seemingly happy in herself the lump had become so big it was almost half the size of her body, had rendered one of her back legs useless and was beginning to develop sores where it dragged on the floor on the underside. I really couldn’t leave it any longer so I took her on her last journey.

As sad as I am to lose yet another mouse in such a short space of time Emily had a good long life and hadn’t had any real health problems until quite recently. She was always a bit of a wild girl and her ‘livewire’ personality and zest for life had me hooked within a couple of hours of her coming here. She could be a moody madam when it suited her (like when I first tried introducing her to Poppy and Dot!) but was also so sweet and gentle at times. I feel privileged to have been owned by her (she wasn’t the sort of mouse to be owned lol) and will miss her terribly, as will her cagemates who seem a bit lost without her bossing them all around.

Emily my darling I hope you know that I made the decision out of love. Thank you for being you. x




And another :(

Barely having had to time to get over Indium and Ripple’s sad deaths Tantalum then became ill. He’d had a tendency towards a bit of a noisy chest at various times through his life so when his breathing became noisy again a couple of weeks back I dutifully started him on baytril and echinacea expecting it to clear up. After about 5 days nothing had changed however so I booked him an appointment with the vet which was for the Saturday morning. Only I ended up rushing him down there as an emergency case on the Friday evening. His breathing had become heavily laboured all of a sudden and he really didn’t seem well. The vet gave him an injection of a diuretic in case he had fluid on his lungs and prescribed a different antibiotic and an anti inflammatory and on the way home he already seemed a bit brighter. By this point he wasn’t drinking however so as well as his meds I syringed honey water into him to keep him hydrated as well as providing him with a heat mat to keep him warm. He was much more lively after all this and had a pretty good night. The next lot of meds went down fine in the morning and he was interested in the various foods I tried to tempt him with but sadly during the next afternoon he passed away. :(

So Wednesday just gone when their owner came to pick up the long stay fosters for the final time (they will be able to go to university with her next year) only 4 of them remained which I found hard given everyone was doing well just a few weeks back. It seems to be the way it goes sometimes but it never gets any easier to deal with.

However fortunately its not all doom and gloom here as I’ve also welcomed two new little girls to my mousey family. They’ve come from starlight trust rescue and are a mum and daughter (a male/female pair and their babies were handed into rescue). Mum I’ve named Pippa and the little one is Maisy and she’s on baby watch as unfortunately she accidentally came in contact with young males before coming here. Everyone’s keeping their fingers crossed that she isn’t pregnant, bless her.

I will also homing the original daddy who will be reunited with Pippa after being neutered at the rescue. Apparently they were quite devoted to each other so it will be lovely for them to be able to live together again. Daddy will get a name once he’s here which will be in a couple of weeks once I know whether Maisy is pregnant or not. I will of course keep you updated!



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