Unexpected losses.

Sadly in the last week we’ve had not one but two unexpected deaths here. Firstly Indium passed away and then a couple of days later Ripple, both unexpectedly and both without warning.

I don’t know which bot is the most upsetting, that both meeces were still only relatively young or that they (as long stay lodgers) would have been going home forever next week. :(

Sweet dreams little angels, you will both be sorely missed.

Indium Ripple




A moving story - Part two

Things are finally starting to settle down here and although there are still plenty of cardboard boxes kicking about the house is functional now and the meeces have more interesting cage setups. The extension where the mice now live is far from organised but it is so nice to have all the mousie stuff in one place and to hand when I need it, no more hunting through cupboards or under the stairs when I need something!! :)

Also as we passed the 4 week mark Timmy is now introed and living happily with my three girly mice. Given that the long stay lodgers will be going home *sob* in few weeks I decided to divide my own girls and the lodgers into separate groups so Tim and Teak have their own little group of girls. Unfortunately old girl Emily has now developed a tumour under her back leg but given her age (around 2 I believe) and the other health problems she’s had recently I am not going to have it removed and will leave her be to enjoy what ever time she has left whilst she seems happy and comfortable. Its upsetting under any circumstances but when a mouse has had a long healthy life, as Emily has I try to be a little philosophical about it, after all if she lives long enough for the lump to cause her problems she’d have done pretty well, bless her.

In happier news though I have a new addition to my mousie family in the shape of Sam the spiny boy. I fell in love with him having seen his picture when he arrived in rescue in a bad way some time ago. As it happened the person looking after him is the same person who took in my rat Meg and as when I went on a day trip to visit her yesterday Sam still hadn’t found a home her came back with me. He’s a lovely little chappy and very friendly despite everything he’s been through and I’m very happy to be able to offer him a forever home. :D




A moving story - Part one

Well we’re here! The last week has gone by in a bit of a blur but move day went as smoothly as it could of really. I was still moving mice into carriers and emptying cages when the removal team arrived at just after 8am which prompted an interesting conversation. It turned out one of the guys used to have pet rats and was much taken with the mice especially the spinies, even if he did think they were hamsters initially! It was quite sweet actually as every time he walked past he spoke or waggled his fingers at them which wasn’t quite the reaction I was expecting! :D

Meeces ready and waiting to go.

(From left to right) Dark blue carrier: Ollie, Petey, Bobble & Jake. Light blue carrier: Hoggle & Grace. Back carrier: Timmy. Front carrier: Mercury, Induim & Tantalum. Black carrier: Molly, Matilda & Amelia. Mickey Max cage: Emily, Poppy, Dot, Delta, Rapid, Ripple & Teak.

On our way

Fortunately we didn’t have far to go and with the children being at school I was able to strap the mice in along the back seat. The two smaller ones went in the footwells. It was a scorching hot day but with the air conditioning on everyone was fine which is more than could be said for the poor removal men who sweltered in the van!

First night

The priority once we arrived was just to get everyone back into their cages, even if they were a bit thrown together!

And so here we are. The house is coming together slowly and I’m loving having a proper place to keep the mice and their things all together. I’m looking forward to getting it a bit more organised.




Twas the night before move day…..

….and all through the house,
everyone was about ready,
even the mous…er mice! :lol:

Well somehow we made it. After much sorting and organising the pile of mouse stuff from the previous blog entry now looks like this

and the whole house is packed, everyone who needs to be informed has been informed and mousey carriers are set up and waiting by cages for action first thing. The removal team are turning up for 8.30 so I will be up at the crack of dawn to get the kids ready for school, do the last bits that can’t be done until the morning and to move all the meeces into their allocated carriers so I can empty and clean the cages. We’ll see you again once we’re in the new place, wish us luck! :D



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