The spiny tunnel project - part 2


Further to yesterdays post I thought I’d share some piccies of the girls enjoying their new set up. :D


And the following one of Tilly (Matilda) just cos it’s gorgeous. :D




The spiny tunnel project!

Well not so much spiny tunnels as tunnels for spinys! ;) Basically I had an idea some time ago about building some sort of tunnel system for the spiny mice out of all the extra-long cardboard tubes I had left over from rolls of wrapping paper at Christmas. Given how much they like running through the ones they normally get and that their favourite sleeping place is usually an underground (ie buried in the litter) cardboard box I wanted to create a big underground system for them. So spurred on by a forum member who’d had a similar idea (great minds think alike lol!) this is what the spiny tank now looks like.

Firstly I made one tunnel set out of plastic tubes and put it at one end of the empty tank.

Then I constructed what I could out of the cardboard tubes and put it at the other end.

In the middle went the ‘bunker’ with an entrance tube.

Then I covered the whole lot with litter…

….leaving only the entrance/exit tubes above ground.

Once that was done I added the rest of the toys as per normal.

I’m pleased to say that Molly, Matilda and Amelia absolutely LOVE it! :D They’ve been going totally loopy racing round all their ’secret’ tunnels and exploring so although under no illusions that the cardboard bit will stay intact for long it was totally worth the time and effort. Will have to try something similar with Hoggle and Grace now!




Updates updates

Thought it was about time for an update on how everyone is doing. :)

Well unfortunately one of the new foster boys has had to be separated from the group already, he got very aggressive with all the other four and won’t even play nicely with them on neutral ground now so he’s living alone for the moment. Health wise he is great though, bright, active and has a super shiny coat so I’m really happy with him (other than his behaviour lol!).

Of the other four from that group three are now looking pretty good and have settled well but the littlest one is giving me cause for concern. He’s several grams lighter than the smallest of the others, is a bit sneezy and also has a bit of a sticky eye, bless him. Given his age I don’t want to rush in with antibiotics but we will have to see if things don’t improve. He’s really good at letting me wash his eye though and is so sweet, he spent quite a bit of last night snuggled down the front of my top - guess its nice and warm down there! :lol:

As for everyone else we seem to be doing alright at the moment. Poppy and Dot have grown so much they are almost the size of the other girls now and are getting on great with the group. Hard to believe I had problems introducing them all now I often find all seven in one bed together! Indium’s ears are distinctly less red too so I’m only bathing them every other day now, which is good as ear problems have a tendency to escalate. Hope I haven’t spoken to soon on that front!!

But generally things are pretty good here for the moment. :D



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