So far so good!

Well I’m very pleased to report that both my little dumped girls are doing really well. :D Little bug has stopped running with the awful hunched up, on tiptoes look she had and both are already looking better and started to display proper mousie behaviour like climbing all over the bars and grooming each other rather than sitting huddled in a corner looking terrified. They’ve been out for a couple of playtimes now and have learnt to use their wheel which to begin with they didn’t ‘get’ at all so I’m certain they’d never seen one before. I haven’t taken any pics yet but when I do you will be the first to see!! ;)

I also realised I hadn’t told you about my other new arrival. When my term time lodgers returned after the Christmas break their Mum told me she was taking on a new girl to add to her group, only when ’she’ arrived the following evening she was a he! Unfortunately attempting to get him to get on with the group of 3 boys has been unsuccessful so it looks like he’s another that’s going to need to be neutered. However he’s only about 3 months old so I need to talk to my vet about it as I’ve not had one this young ‘done’ before. He’s a lovely little lad though, very friendly with people if not other mice lol!




Dumped - an update.

Well obviously I had no idea what to expect when I went off to the vets last night but somehow it wasn’t two very tiny and very pretty little girls! They look all of 8 weeks old (left over from an unwanted litter would be my guess) and were found in a small plastic box under the slide in a play park by a member of the public. They had water but no food and there were 3 of them but sadly the third was already dead. :(

The vet transferred them into a clean tank (she said the smell from the one they were in made her gag when she took the lid off!) and gave them some food and when I got there they were stuffing their little faces as though they’d not eaten in a long time. One of them I’m guessing was the runt of the litter as she is smaller than the other but amazingly they both seemed quite bright and active so not wanting to stress them out any further I brought them home and left them alone with food, water and a clean bed.

I have to admit I was quite surprised to find them both still with us this morning but I’m pleased to report that they were both happy to let me check them over and weigh them before I moved them out of the vets tank (which I’m returning this morning when I take one of my rats in for her steroid injection). The smallest one I’ve been calling both Dot and Little Bug for some reason and she is shyer and more frail looking than her sister. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much with her but please all keep your fingers crossed that she thrives and proves both the vet and me wrong. The other one I’ve yet to settle on a name for but she is inquisitive and healthy looking so hopefully she should be alright. I’ll take some pictures of them later so expect another update soon! :)





I’ve just had a phone call from a branch of the vet I use, they have two fancy mice that were handed into them after they were found dumped in a box in a park. The vet phoned on the off chance I might have room for them and given the circumstances I could hardly say no could I the poor little things. :( I’m off to pick them up now so expect an update later!




A Merry Christmouse!

Well once again I must apologise for the lack of blog entries, December is always a frantically busy month here so although plenty has happened I’ve not had a chance to write about it! First is some sad news, I lost my gorgeous little man Elliott shortly after my last post. No signs of illness or anything, he was just fine one evening and gone the next day. You may remember that when I took him in in the summer there was confusion over his age but he must have been around 18 months so not a young boy by any means. Still very sad to lose him. :(

Sadly this meant that when the long stay fosters went home on 16th December I was left with just the two fancy mice of my own, Angel and Emily. Obviously I still have the spinys and as you may know my lovely ratties but it has been a long time since my mouse numbers have fallen so low and I have to say I’m really looking forward to the long stay crew coming back this week!

But anyway getting to the title of this post all my meeces had a lovely Christmas and were spoilt rotten as per usual lol! Everyone received pressies from santa this year, each cage had a package on it when we came down Christmas morning - they must have been very good! Here are some pics of them and their presents….

The contents of Molly, Matilda and Amelia’s pressie.

And part of it being appreciated!

Emily and Angel’s parcel which got completely ignored lol!

Hoggle and Grace’s present

With Hoggle sitting watching intently as it was opened.

He was most intrigued when he heard the little bell sound and loves playing with it now it’s hung in the cage. :)



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