The boys are a hit!

Unfortunately a week ago I decided I needed to take one of the long stay boys, Indium to the vets as he had sore looking red scabs in his ear. Being unwillingly to leave one of the three on their own I took all of them with me and given the effect they had on the staff I’m very glad I did lol! :D

Now these three boys are the friendliest, cuddliest, most placid little men you could hope to meet and the even the vets with all its new and strange smells and noises didn’t phase them in the slightest. The second the lid on the carrier was open three little noses appeared over the rim and as the vet picked Indium up to examine him Tantalum decided he wasn’t going to miss out and ran up her arm! Mercury then jumped out onto the table and had a good nose about before climbing into the vets hands where she was still trying to look at Indy. She couldn’t believe how happy they all were to explore a complete stranger, not the response she gets from many of her patients! She then told the reception girls how sweet they were so of course they both wanted a cuddle too lol!
Then yesterday when the boys went back again for Indium’s follow up appointment they made friends with the owner of a tortoise in the waiting area. We were the only two sat (the poorly alsation-type dog before me had just gone in) there and as we both had small carriers with us rather than the more usual cat carrier we got chatting. I got to meet her beautiful but under weight (hence why he hadn’t hibernated) tortoise and she met Mercury, Tantalum and Indium who of course were only too happy to be out of the carrier for a minute to have a rub between the ears. ;)

The good news anyway is that Indy’s ears are looking better which is great given he and his friends will be going home this weekend for the Christmas holidays. And all in all they were a bit of a hit! :D



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