And Teak makes seven!

Teak is now happily settled in the big cage! The intros were pretty uneventful, he and Elliott are a bit wary of each other as I expected and the first day that he actually moved in (as opposed to them all just playing together outside the cage) he seemed a little overwhelmed but fortunately it didn’t last long.

When they first met the girls - well mainly Emily and Rapid lol - didn’t waste much time pining Teak down for a good groom which must have felt heavenly because his little face was a picture, bless him. I always imagine it must be like someone giving you a big hug after you’ve been in solitary confinement for months and every time I witness it just reinforces why I rate company of their own kind sooo important to a mouse - certainly makes the worry and cost of neutering totally worthwhile. :D




Long time, no blog!

Somehow it seems a month has slipped by without me making a diary entry, not quite sure how that happened! There has been good and bad news during that time, both my old girl Ebony and one of the long stay girls, Eddy, have crossed over to the rainbow bridge. Ebony went peacefully in her sleep whilst poor Eddy, who wasn’t even very old was found feeling cold and barely moving in the hammock following a suspected stroke and sadly died shortly afterwards. Sleep tight lovely girls. :(

Getting to the good news the former dutch foster, now named Teak had his neuter without any problems and is 3 weeks into his waiting time which means he can finally meet his new cage mates at the end of this week. I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes!

Also talking of former fosters Lilac and his buddy Not-a-mouse have now gone off to their new home, albeit with a short stop over on the way up. I had mixed feelings saying goodbye to them as whilst I’m over the moon to see them finally on their way to their forever home I had developed a soft spot for both of them and am missing their daft antics. Their cage will soon be filled again though as a new lot of foster mice will be arriving in the next week or so, watch this space. :)

Ebony Eddy Lilac foster & Not-a-mouse



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