A nice surprise!

Just had an interesting conversation with the mother of one of my youngest daughters friends! She came to pick her little girl up (she’d been here after school for tea) and was interested in what all my cages contained. Turns out she’s a vet nurse - I’ve been nattering to the women at the school gates for years but had no idea lol - and so we started chatting about operations on mice and rescuing and all sorts! She loved my sets ups and when I mentioned having males neutered she said how fantastic that was which makes quite a change from the sort of reaction I normally get from people that’s for sure!! :lol:

Its really strange because rightly or wrongly I’m always concerned over how parents in particular will react to the pets I have, the general public as a whole aren’t keen on rodents, least of all rats and mice, and I’d hate it to get in the way of any of my daughters friendships. So to get such a positive, interested reaction and find out that I know a vet nurse was a very nice surprise indeed! :D




Lilac foster and Not-a-mouse.

It was a early start here this morning as I was a meeting point for todays big transport run and therefore I had a living room full of people and carriers of rodents by 8.30am! As planned the seven short stay boys went off on their way to their new home in Leeds and I gained my unusual little foster pair in the form of Lilac and his new friend the grumpy hammie. The little lady lives up to her name that’s for sure and made a most unimpressed screechy type noise as I moved the tube she was in from the travel carrier to the cage, bless her. Fortunately I knew what to expect and didn’t try to touch her so I’m pleased to say that I still have all my fingers! :lol:

Anyway she might not be keen on humans but she loves Lilac foster to bits and the two of them were soon running around and checking out their new cage together. They are quite the odd little couple that’s for sure but they seem very happy and its far better than them both spending their lives alone. For some reason I keep imagining them talking to each other in the same language but with strong, different accents - yes I know I need help! :oops: :lol:

As I mentioned before we’ve not had a hamster here before and since they arrived we all seem to be referring to her as Not-a-mouse so I think this is likely to be her name during her stay here, poor thing! I hope to get some photos of her and the lovely lilac foster later this evening. :D




Mouse hotel!

Well it feels like it at the moment anyway! :lol: As well as my own mice, the 2 foster meeces and the 8 boys mentioned in my last blog entry I now also have 7 long stay boarders who will be spending term times with me whilst their owner is away at university. They are 3 adorable little boys named Mercury, Tantalum and Indium and 4 very sweet (although slightly scatty lol) girls called Eddy, Delta, Ripple and Rapid. They are all lovely little things who I’m very happy to have here - as usual piccies of them all will follow in due course! ;)

For now though I have finally got the photos I promised of my 8 little short stay boarders so here they are…

Two of them (the argente and the choc & white) are going to be visiting the vet tomorrow so I will update further then. :)




More sad news and a happier event

Well things went from bad to worse last week when I discovered my old girl Whisper dragging both her back legs on Friday evening. When I took her to the vet on Saturday she discovered an inoperable tumour in her spine. There was nothing that could be done to give her the use of her legs back so I had my little angel put to sleep whilst we were there. Two in just a few days. :(

Fortunately it isn’t all doom and gloom though as yesterday 8 little boys came to stay with me. They’ll be here for a couple of weeks until a transport run takes them up to their new home in Leeds, so more like short term boarders than fosters. Pictures to follow! :)



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