Lonely hearts R us!

Well unfortunately things have been difficult here since my last entry due to one of my human babies being very poorly. Happily she is just about on the mend now so I thought it was about time for an update!

Felixs op scar has healed up beautifully and after a careful, week long intro he is now living with dutch foster. My foster boy was a bit uptight to begin with but settled just fine and now I’m gradually adding toys and things to their cage. It hasn’t caused any upset as yet, but then they’ve still no wheel at the moment so we shall see! I still don’t have a plan for dutch foster but at least if he’s not on his own that’s him sorted for the short term.

On a similar note Hoggle is now two weeks into his four week post neuter waiting time so just a fortnight left until he and Grace can be introduced. It won’t be a minute too soon for either party, Hoggle has taken to bar chewing since Bears death and Grace has now recovered fully from her unfortunate ordeal with my other spiny girls and is far too cooped up in her temporary cage. Really looking forward to them meeting.

And finally the gorgeous lilac foster is off to pastures new….to move in with a lonely hamster! Options for what to do with him have been totally restricted due to both his failed neuter and the fact he now won’t even be nice to another boy on neutral ground! I remembered the fabby Sproggie14 mentioning the success she’d had with mice and dwarf hammies living together so that’s where he’s going in a final attempt to avoid him living his life alone. This will mean that in a couple of weeks time I shan’t have any lone meeces here which is always my aim. Lets just hope it all goes to plan lol!





Well Felix’s lump removal and Hoggle’s neuter were postponed from Monday until today so I have just spent another morning pacing around anxiously, even more so than usual after what happened with lilac foster last week! Happily though I have just got off the phone from the vets who have reported that both boys are absolutely fine! :D I am able to pick them up anytime after 3pm but as I have an appointment for Fanulla/Lucy at 10 past 6 I shall collect them at the same time. Will be very glad to have them both safe and sound, shall update later.

Update: Well everyone is home and settled now. Felix apparently lost quite a lot of blood during his surgery, enough to really concern them but he then amazed everyone by bouncing back really quickly and now you wouldn’t even know if it wasn’t for the scar down his chest! Hoggle’s neuter went beautifully which is fab but based on this evening I think it may prove trickier to get his 5 days of baytril into him lol!




Sunday night games

I always hate having mice living on their own no matter how short a time its for so with currently 4 meeces in their own cages I’m spending a fair amount of time coming up with ways of keeping them amused. Last night they all seemed bored and were mostly languishing in their beds so I decided to make up some treat tubes for them to play with. A treat tube is just a toilet roll tube that I put a few treats in, stuff both ends tightly with newspaper and then punch a small hole through one side of (so the mice smell can the treats and gives them a start to get their teeth into). Sometimes I hang them from the roof of the cage but last night I just popped them in to see what they did with them.

Within seconds twitchy noses appeared from beds (well all except Hoggle who wasn’t coming out of his wooden house for anyone!) and it wasn’t long before all I could hear were the sounds of cardboard and newspaper being shredded! Grace was very lady like and calmly tore strips of cardboard off, Dutch foster tried to dig his way in the end whilst Lilac foster - now totally recovered from last week - tore his to bits and looked suitably smug when he discovered what was hidden inside. All in all I’d say they were a hit! :D



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