Whiffy Fosters!

I had two little foster boys arrive last night from a lady who had advertised them on the freeads website. Its been several months since any young, entire males were in the house and somehow I always forget just how much they whiff! There are currently 15 other rodents in the house and you can’t smell a thing but within minutes of these two arriving and being transferred to their new cage the whole house was delicately frangranced with ‘L’eau d’boy mouse’ musk. :lol: Fortunately I not only have a bottle of the wonder that is Tap-a-drop odor neutralizer I also know that it’ll improve once they are settled in.

Anyway smelly or not the little men in question are totally gorgeous, so gorgeous in fact that I nearly made myself late for the school/work run this morning by letting them out for a run first thing….opps! Who could resist these little guys though….

…….now just to get them used to being handled and find them a loving new home! :D




Boy Trouble!

My poor Benji had been on his own in the hospital tank for a week whilst I treated him for an itchy skin condition. I knew he wasn’t particularly happy in there but last night he near enough begged me to be let back in the main cage!

He was playing on the sofa whilst I cleaned his tank and the big cage was stood nearby ready for me to clean that next. He stood on his back legs sniffing in the direction of the cage for a while (making me feel totally guilty and sorry for him in the process lol!) and the next thing I knew he’d gone missing from the sofa!

Less than a couple of minutes later I spotted him though - hanging half way up the side of the big cage rubbing noses with Felix through the bars!!! After that I hadn’t the heart to put him back on his own so needless to say he got his own way and is back in with all his friends, even if it does makes it that bit harder for me to keep an eye on his skin. Of course it was only minutes before he and Felix started scrapping over their favourite wheel (you’d think they could play in different ones given there’s three in there but no!) …boys eh!!




It never rains but it pours!

More sad news to report unfortunately, I found Heidi (one of my new spiny girls) dead this morning when I went to clean the tank. :( She obviously hadn’t been dead very long as she was still very soft to touch, first time I’ve really been able to handle one of them. Haven’t been able to make myself bury her yet, four in less than two weeks is four burials too many!

On a more positive note my newest little addition has settled beautifully in the main cage as this piccy of her sleeping with Ebony and Emily that I took this morning shows.




Welcome to the mouse diaries!

Welcome to the very first entry in my brand new blog! Here you will be able to read about all the ups and downs here at AAM headquarters, follow the stories of my own mice and gain a general insight into what its like to be ever-so-slightly mouse mad!

My first post in ‘The Mouse Diaries’ as it turns out is a bittersweet one. Bitter because I’ve buried three of my mice in the last week (two very old girls who were both sad but not unexpected losses and a year old male which was a total shock) and sweet because in just over an hours time I’m off to pick up the newest addition to my rodent family. She’s been lucky enough to have two wonderful foster mummy’s to take care of her whilst we were finding a way of her getting to me from Wales but as she’s lived alone the whole time I’m itching to get her here and settled with my girls. Look out for pictures on the forums later today!



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