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I first became interested in mice in 1992, at the age of 11. Unfortunately it was then a further year before I was actually able to own one, as being so young my parents quite understandably thought my interest was just a passing phase. Needless to say though it wasn’t and today, over 15 years later, what started as an interest has grown into more of an obsession!

I moved to Farnborough, Hampshire in September 2005 and live with my husband, two daughters, three rats, many mice and often a tank full of sea-monkeys too! You can learn more about all my pets on the My Meeces pages. I work part time at the local pre-school, which I really enjoy and also volunteer helping struggling new mums through the local Homestart scheme - the phrase ‘never work with children or animals’ is totally lost on me! My other interests include property development (I am currently working on our new house as my first project) cooking and reading. I have a love of books in general, but particularly enjoy Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels and classic childrens books which I collect.

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